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Discover How Routines and Habits Will Calm Your Mind

There is a quote that goes, "The secret of your future lies in your daily routine ."This is an excellent quote that underlines a significant fact; we are what we repeatedly do.

These days, we're constantly bombarded by distractions from phone notifications to social media alerts to emails and much more. Everything is demanding our attention round the clock. It's no wonder mental health issues are at an all-time high. People's nerves are frazzled because their energy and attention are being pulled in a dozen different directions. It's impossible to have a calm and quiet mind if you let the frenetic pace of the world dictate your life. You'll end up stressed out, drained, and unhappy. The key to developing a calm and collected mind is to create a daily routine and productive habits that keep you grounded.

Start your day 15 minutes earlier
This one tip alone, if adhered to religiously, will give you more peace of mind than any other advice. Millions of people repeatedly hit the snooze button several times before waking. Trying to squeeze out the few extra minutes of sleep is so important to them. They then end up rushing to get ready for work and barely make it on time while cursing along the way at all the little obstacles trying to make them late. This problem can be easily prevented by going to bed earlier and waking up 15 minutes earlier. You'll be calmer and not start your day in a panic. This is NOT the way to start any day. Give yourself that extra 15 minutes.

Spend the first hour of the day on yourself

Avoid checking your emails and social media immediately upon waking. You may decide to wake up an hour earlier. You may choose to spend 10 minutes meditating or going for a 15-minute walk without your mobile phone during this quiet period. By doing this, you get in touch with yourself. You've not become a part of the hustle and bustle of the real world yet. This is your time for yourself.
You deserve it. So often, people spend all their time at work, or glued to their mobile phones or chatting with friends that they never discover how to be comfortable in silence with themselves. Being able to sit in solitude and be comfortable in the presence of your own company is a gift. It'll do more to calm your mind and soul than any self-help book or therapist will. Spend time in meditation and quiet your mind.

Routine is not a dirty word
There are tons of quotes such as "variety is the spice of life," "avoid monotony," and so on. However, there is immeasurable power in routine. Once you have a fixed routine filled with productive habits, you'll discover that your life gets better over time. You have more time and freedom when you have a routine. It may sound strange, but it's true. Time does not wither away on unproductive pursuits. Everything you do is more efficient. You rarely scramble for time and are less stressed out overall.

Create a routine that will help you achieve your goals without overly stressing you out. Aim to cultivate small positive habits gradually, and you'll be amazed at how powerful they are when compounded over time.

By following these three tips, your life will be much more orderly and peaceful. You'll be in control of your own life and mind.

You'll experience a level of calm and serenity that so few people have these days. You want to be here.

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David ~ Founder TRULIVV