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Does Your Eating Lifestyle Affect Your Mental State?

The food you eat doesn't only impact your body, but it affects your mind too. It could be for better or worse, depending on what you eat. Here's the problem. We all know what foods we should be eating. We don't like eating them. The processed foods, junk food, sugary treats signal to us, and we cave into our temptations and gorge on them. The lean meat, broccoli, healthy fats, and other beneficial foods seem so bland and boring. But oh, a pizza, heavenly!

So, why do we think this way?

The reason for that is conditioning. We've conditioned our minds and taste buds to love harmful foods. Once you get a taste for sweet and greasy foods, eating beneficial foods becomes a chore. Our bodies want nutrition. NOT sugar or junk. So, when you're a victim to your taste buds and eat what you shouldn't, your body does not function optimally. You feel tired because the foods lack nutrients. You end up getting nutrient deficiencies.

Millions of people worldwide feel depressed and lethargic without realizing they might be having a vitamin D deficiency. Your diet plays a role in how you think and feel. How it affects you're mental state. Have you ever had a big lunch and then felt sleepy while at work? You're just not in the mood to do anything, and you stare at the clock hoping for the time to pass. It almost feels like the second hand on the clock is going 2 seconds forward and 3 seconds back. You can't be productive. This annoys you because you know you have work to get done, and it also makes you hate your life, especially if you already hate your job. A poor eating lifestyle creates a weaker body that is susceptible to inflammation and other serious health problems. It's a Herculean chore to developmental calmness if your body is in a state of chaos.

What you need to do.

For starters, you need to increase your water intake. Most people are in a constant dehydration state because they're not drinking enough water throughout the day. Get your hydration, right. Next, you'll want to cut down your intake of sugar. This is tricky because many people are sugar addicts without realizing it. Eliminating your sugar intake overnight is going to cause massive cravings. So, your goal will be to take the slow approach and eliminate sugar from your eating lifestyle gradually. The third step will be to increase your intake of cruciferous vegetables and add more fruit to your diet. This will give your body the micronutrients and fiber it needs.

The fourth step will be to use coconut oil or olive oil in your cooking. Reducing your use of hydrogenated vegetable oils will decrease inflammation in your body and leave you feeling better overall. Last but not least, you should consume supplements such as curcumin, vitamin D, fish oil, L-theanine, a greens powder, garlic oil, and so on. These supplements will help to correct any nutrient deficiencies in your body while boosting your immune system at the same time.

Once your body is in an optimal state, it'll be easier for you to quiet your mind with meditation or other techniques. Your body is the only home you have. Make sure it's clean and in good order, and you'll have a much better life.

Be Superhuman

Dave~Founder TruLivv