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Avoiding the Curse of False Hope 

You've probably never heard of this curse, but it trips up millions of people daily. It ruins their dreams and their lives. It leaves them hopeless and unhappy with themselves. In this article, we'll look at how deceptive the curse of false hope is and how it pertains to your fitness and health. This curse can filter into every aspect of your life if you let it. There's good news though, you can prevent it, and you're going to find out how.

Avoiding the hype

The critical point to note here is that it's NOT your fault. This curse is a result of society's obsession with overnight results and also cheap marketing tactics.
If you've watched infomercials, you'd have seen weight loss pills that promise fast weight loss in 2 weeks. You may have seen weird contraptions that can vibrate and jiggle your fat belly for 10 minutes a day and leave you with ripped abs.
You may have seen websites and products on the internet that tell you how to get rich fast by doing 20 minutes of work daily. ALL OF THESE are playing to your desires of getting the most that life can give you, without much effort on your part.
Here lies the problem; life is not playing along with these hyped-up claims. Most of the marketing you see with these products are nothing more than false hope. The products will curse you the moment you buy into their hype. You've set yourself up for failure before even you get started.

Hollywood does it too
Wait. What? Yes, the movies you watch can curse you too. Many inspirational movies show success stories of how people rose from miserable failure to unimaginable heights of success. It all looks good and feels good. The movies may be dramatized a little, but they're also based on true stories, making the entire movie even more misleading.


Simple. Most movies are about 90 to 120 minutes long. The success story is summarized within this short time when, in reality, the person who succeeded may have gone through countless failures and taken years or decades to reach success. It's impossible to understand the difficulty and persistence required to go through the hard yards for so long when it's all over and done with in a 2-hour movie. People watching these movies feel motivated and inspired but fail to consider just how much time and effort will be required. They are filled with false hopes based on a movie that does not paint an accurate picture of the time investment and energy needed to attain the pinnacles of success.

* What's the cure?

The cure is common sense. Do not buy into the hype. Everything that you want to achieve in life that's worth having will take time, and it will take far longer than you think. Be prepared. If you set a New Year's resolution to lose weight and build a body that turns heads, you're not going to achieve it in 2 weeks or even a month. The hype you see on the infomercials and weight-loss ads are just hype.

* False hope VS reality

If you're 40 pounds overweight, it may take you five months to lose the excess fat. You'll already be in May by the time you get to your ideal weight. Sometimes it may take even longer. By the time you start building muscle, you might be in August. That's more than half the year gone. You were expecting fast results in a month or two, but here you are half a year later, and you're just at baseline.
Add another 6 to 8 months of consistent weight training to build muscles that get attention, and you're already into the NEXT YEAR! Imagine that. Your New Year's resolution this year has taken you into the next year, and you're still working on it!
This is reality. When you understand just how long it takes, you'll have a realistic picture and know that you're in this for the long haul.
People who expect fast results almost always quit too soon. That's what the curse of false hope does. It makes you give up on your goals and dreams because it makes you believe that you're not good enough. The truth is that you need more time.

So, give yourself that time.

Unlike text messages and microwaved meals, achieving worthy goals is NOT instant. Do your best every single day and give yourself all the time you need to get there. Progress will usually be slow, but slow progress is still progress.

Remember this post about false hopes when others attempt to put it on you, and remember it when you embark on your goals.

David ~ Founder TruLivv