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I am sure that you have heard this over and over again. Time under tension gets you stronger! Step into the world of resistance band training, where this philosophy takes center stage from start to finish. Resistance band workouts are designed to make your muscles stronger in multiple levels of motion to compliment the hard work you put in on the run or Bike. You'll feel the burn and build muscular endurance by spending time under tension in any given muscle group, but will come out on the other side feeling unstoppable.

So…what is it resistance band training?

A resistance band is a simple apparatus: A long succession of rubber tube with or without looped handles attached to either end, available in varying degrees of tension. Resistance bands use oppositional force to train your muscles instead of weight. You can alter how intense your workout is by choosing a band with more resistance (Color Coded) or moving where you hold on the band to create more resistance yourself. The higher the opposition goes, the more effort you'll need to put in.

When in one plane of motion, bands allow pull or resistance from any angle. You can create horizontal and diagonal lines of resistance. 

Building strength in this way is essential for both injury prevention and maintaining multi-directional stability and mobility. Resistance bands are also a useful complement to traditional dumbbell strength training, and can sometimes serve as a straight-up alternative to dumbbell lifting. Why? Convenience! You can take bands outside, on the road, and store them anywhere. 


Strength training should be an integral part of your fitness routine, especially as you age. Resistance band training is intended to make you a stronger athlete in your discipline of choice. Resistance bands offer such a powerful technique known as "accommodating resistance." Just pick up a resistance band and find for yourself that it becomes heavier as you pull it tight, challenging you to maintain the speed and power with which you execute a movement through its complete range of motion.

Getting Started with Resistance Band Training

Whether you're used to lifting with dumbbells or are new to strength training altogether, there are a couple of specific things to keep in mind before hitting the bands. Having an effective workout with bands, learning proper form is critical. Knowing how to hold and use your resistance bands properly will go a long way to giving you the chance to get the most out of your workout.

Because the tension never fully lets up, resistance bands give your muscles constant feedback to help you adjust your form accordingly; you'll be able to feel the work through your entire range-of-motion. As you move through the motions over and over again, you'll become an expert at reading your body's cues and recognizing the true extent of your strength. Remember when learning a new training routine, don't rush, focus on controlled movement in both the concentric and eccentric phase of the exercise, and remember to breathe correctly. 

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