ProsourceFit Ankle Weights Set of 2 with Adjustable Comfort Fit 3 lbs



Increase the intensity of your workouts and see faster results by adding ProsourceFit Ankle Weights to your cardio, plyometric, walking, dance, or weightlifting routine.

  • Ranging from one to five pounds, these comfort-fit weights wrap gently around your ankles to safely add more resistance to tone and sculpt your lower body.
  • 3 lb Set.
  • Turn basic exercises like walking, jumping, lunging, aerobics, or leg lifts into muscle-building, calorie-burning movements. Whether trying to lose weight, tone up or rehabilitate after injuries, ankle weights provide an additional challenge and allow you to slowly and safely increase the weight as you progress.
  • Six different weight options are color-coded so you can have a few on hand to change depending on the intensity level you need.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps make it easy to take them on and off, and a metal hook and loop closure allow you to tighten them securely to prevent slipping while you workout.
  • Neoprene material on the 1 to 3-pound weights is soft on your skin for comfortable workouts.
  • Please note that our 5 pounds weights are designed slightly differently with durable Oxford nylon to withstand the extra weight of the filling and prevent breakage.
  • The filling cannot be added or removed – weight is exactly as listed.
  • ProsourceFit Ankle Weights come with a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects so you can feel confident about your purchase.

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