ProsourceFit Weighted Toning Exercise Balls for Pilates - 5LB



ProsourceFit Toning Balls are the perfect combination of building strength and improving flexibility, bringing the benefits of Pilates into regular workouts.

  • The unique design of these PVC mini-balls creates a more comprehensive workout experience and doubles as a physical therapy tool.
  • Use these mini weighted balls during strength training exercises, lean against it during core work for back and spine support, or use as a destabilizing surface and weight.
  • These natural sand-filled exercise balls create instability during exercises for the maximum challenge, engaging various muscle groups at once to help you get a leaner and more toned body.
  • Fitting perfectly in the palm of your hands, between ankles, thighs, or hamstrings, these weighted toning balls make targeted strength training easier and more effective.
  • Choose the right level of resistance for you to start shaping and sculpting!

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