High Density Half Round Foam Roller 36"x3"



The ProsourceFit High-Density Half- Round Foam Rollers are the ideal 2-in-1 tool that helps you tone and stretch with 2 different sides.
  • Ideal for Pilates, yoga, physical therapy, the unique semi-circle shape of the half-round foam rollers has a flat and curved side.
  • The flat edge is more suitable for beginners to foam roll or do half foam roller core stabilizing exercises.
  • The rounded side is there for an extra challenge when it is time to up your fitness game for increased strengthening and balancing.
  • Made of eco-friendly and durable EPP foam, the shape will not change even with frequent use and is easy to clean.
  • Even better, the material is water-resistant and lightweight, making it a perfect companion for traveling or intense workout sessions.
  • The lightly textured surface provides even more stability and grip during balancing exercises.
  • Available in 3 sizes: 12"x3", 18"x3" and 36x3", you will find the right high-density half foam roller to suit your fitness needs.
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