Loop Resistance Bands Set



The ProsourceFit Loop Resistance Bands set comes in a color-coded set of light, medium, and heavy resistance levels to keep challenging your muscles as you grow stronger and more flexible.

  • Each 10” x 2” fitness band is made from durable latex to prevent wear and tear and prevent breakage.
  • The design makes them simple to put around ankles, calves, or thighs for a variety of lower body exercises.
  • Ideal for both rehabilitation, activation, and strengthening of the leg, hip, and glute muscles, especially those that don’t always get worked in a typical strength-training workout.
  • Their small, lightweight design takes up almost no space in your gym bag, making them great for travel and at-home workouts.
  • Resistance Levels: • Green – Light Resistance • Red ¬ Medium Resistance • Blue – Heavy Resistance

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