Prosource Fit Speed Jump Rope



The ProsourceFit Speed Jump Rope is a must-have for anyone who’s trying to stay fit and healthy.

  • Whether you’re a boxer or competitive athlete, or simply want to lose a few pounds and improve your endurance, jump roping is a perfect cardio solution.
  • The small, lightweight rope makes fast-turning super easy so you can jump with speed and perform exercises like double unders with ease.
  • It’s perfectly portable, so you can take it with you when you travel and don’t have access to a gym, or carry it in your gym bag for high-intensity training between weight lifting sets.
  • It’s also great for kids and teenagers to improve coordination and agility, and stay active while having fun!
  • The adjustable rope fits anyone up to up to 6' 6" tall.
  • Just measure the rope by standing in the middle of the cord and the end of the handles come up to the top of the jumper's shoulders.
  • Simply adjust the length with an easy screw/lock using fingers or a screwdriver (recommended).
  • Make sure it is clamped tight before jumping.
  • You can also cut off the extra cable.
  • Train like a pro, train with ProsourceFit!


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