ProsourceFit Ab Wheel Roller Equipment for Abdominal Exercises at Home



Whether you’re shooting to sculpt a six-pack, or you need a stronger core for your sport, the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel Roller is the perfect piece of fitness equipment to get your abs in shape.

  • This classic ab workout tool looks simple, but it’s incredibly challenging and a quick way to tighten up your tummy.
  • Not only that, but you will also build the muscles in your arms and back as you maneuver the wheel and hold yourself in a balanced position.
  • Our upgraded version of the wheel makes ab rollouts more comfortable and aids instability to help you maintain proper form and avoid injury.
  • Cushioned handles with finger grooves provide a comfortable, firm grip to reduce hand fatigue while rolling.
  • A thick 2-inch rubber wheel with tread gives you superior traction and smooth-rolling.
  • Steel rods and PP plastic offer durability for a fitness tool you can count on to perform workout after workout.
  • The small, compact design makes it great for use at home, the gym, and storing in your car trunk for mobile exercise routines.
  • To perform ab rollouts, position yourself on your knees with arms extended in front of you gripping the wheel.
  • Flex abs and keep them engaged as you roll forward as far as is comfortable for you without back strain.
  • Make sure to maintain a flat back.
  • Even a slight extension will provide a great workout as you build towards a full extension.
  • You can also roll out slightly to the right or the left to target your obliques more.
  • Hold a plank position on your toes while holding the roller beneath your shoulders.
  • This no-weights-required workout is a much more efficient way to target your abs than crunches or sit-ups, because it also targets other core muscles at once beyond the “six-pack abs”, to strengthen your lower back and deep stabilizing muscles. Plus, you can purchase with confidence with a limited lifetime warranty!

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