ProsourceFit Adjustable Weighted Vest for Fitness Training & Workouts



The ProsourceFit Adjustable Weighted Vest provides a convenient, hands-free way to work out your entire body and build muscle without carrying heavyweights.

  • Front and side pockets hold 1-pound weight bags which can be added for up to 20 pounds of resistance, or removed as needed for less of a challenge.
  • This adjustable design makes it great for beginners, as well as more athletic users, allowing you to change the weight depending on the exercise you’re using it for.
  • Additionally, the size is adjustable with straps and open sides, with a unisex design to fit most users.
  • This weighted training vest is great for improving speed, endurance, and strength when used while running or walking.
  • It’s perfect for military, police, and fire department training.
  • You can also wear it to strength train without needing dumbbells or having to set heavy barbells on your back.
  • Try it with squats, lunges, push-ups, core exercises, and more to build strength and tone all of your muscles.
  • Mesh material allows the skin to breathe while using, and durable nylon material holds up to regular use.
    All the weights you need are included with the vest.

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