ProsourceFit Arched Back Stretcher Orthopedic Traction Device



Daily life can leave your lower back tight and painful. Workouts, sitting all day, manual labor, lack of exercise – any of these can cause discomfort and promote bad posture.

  • The ProsourceFit Arched Back Stretcher is a lifesaver, helping to safely stretch out your lower back whenever you need it.
  • It’s compact and lightweight so you can take it to the office, use it at home, or place it at your desk chair as lumbar support.
  • The 4-inch high arch provides a deep stretch and fits along the natural curve of your spine.
  • The firm foam acupressure spikes that cover the lumbar stretching device help to massage the back and promote blood circulation to speed up healing from muscle pain.
  • It can be used to help relieve pain associated with sciatica, stenosis, and herniated discs.
  • Just use for 5-10 minutes at a time to help improve your posture and find relief for your back pain.