ProsourceFit Core Balance Disc Trainer, 14” Diameter with Pump for Improving Posture, Fitness, Stability



The ProsourceFit Core Balance Disc is a fun, versatile tool for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, Pilates instructors, physical therapists, or anyone who wants to improve their balance and core strength.

  • This lightweight, the portable disc creates an unstable surface that can be used for a variety of purposes such as standing balance exercises, seated or kneeling Pilates core workouts, or prone movements like planks and push-ups.
  • It can also be used as a seat cushion for both adults and children.
  • One side features small bumps to provide traction and grip, while the other has more tactile, flexible raised bumps for a massaging effect.
  • The disc may be used on either side, according to your preference.
  • The stability disc is 14-inches in diameter, and approximately 3-inches high, depending on how much you inflate it (not to exceed 5”).
  • It comes with a hand pump so you can inflate it according to your needs and comfort level.
  • Great to have on hand at gyms as well as at home for strengthening, balance, and therapy exercises you can do anywhere.
  • Comes in 6 colors.

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