ProsourceFit Lacrosse Massage Ball for Post-Workout Recovery



If regular massages aren't in your budget, and large foam rollers just aren't getting those tough knots out of your muscles, the ProsourceFit Lacrosse Massage Ball is your perfect solution.

  • The firm, 2.5" (63mm) diameter design mimics a masseuse's elbow and deep tissue massage with its ability to maneuver between muscle groups and around bones.
  • Unlike the softer surface and large diameter of foam rollers, the Lacrosse Massage Ball is great for breaking up tough knots in small, hard-to-reach areas, such as around the shoulder blades, neck, hips, chest, lower back, glutes, and feet.
  • It's a smooth surface and density provides a better grip for self-myofascial release than other common options like tennis and golf balls.
  • Use on any tight muscle while lying on the floor, or sit on a chair and place under your hamstring or feet.
  • You can also put two inside of a small bag and use simultaneously along the muscles surrounding your spine and neck.
  • Regular use helps to increase flexibility, blood flow, range of motion, and general mobility.
  • The small size is perfect for carrying with you wherever you go, whether to the gym, while traveling, or at home for a quick massage anywhere without the bulk of a foam roller.
  • Convenient for daily use or even muscle rehabilitation.
  • A great option for athletes, weightlifters, and yogis wanting to perform, and suitable for beginners or advanced users.
  • Comes in two color options: orange or blue, with a limited lifetime warranty.