ProsourceFit Massage Stick Roller, Portable Self-Myofascial Release Tool



Your active lifestyle can take a toll on your body, creating knots and cramps in your muscles – but don’t let them stop from doing what you love!

  • Using rollers for self-myofascial release helps reduce knots in your muscles and prevent pain so you can continue building endurance and strength.
  • Ideal for athletes, weight lifters, and runners, the ProsourceFit Massage Stick Roller is a convenient way to roll out your calves, shins, thighs, back, feet, or any other tight spot on your body.
  • The slim 18-inch long design with 9 firm, individual rollers make it easier to reach small muscles than large foam rollers, which can be bulky and too soft for many users.
  • The lightweight, compact size is only 1.45-inches wide, perfect for putting in your gym bag, keeping at the office, or travel.
  • Two comfort-grip handles make it easy work on those hard-to-reach places, and allow you to increase or decrease the amount of pressure applied.
  • It can be used lying down, standing or seated, convenient for anyone who has trouble getting up and down from the floor.
  • Use before and after workouts and runs to prevent muscle cramps and tension.
  • Regular use helps improve blood circulation and overall mobility, which increases recovery time and ability to maintain a high level of fitness and well-being.
  • Great for personal trainers and coaches to use with their clients, or using with a partner for anyone who needs assistance rolling out knots.