ProsourceFit Speed Agility Ladder for Speed Training and Sports Agility - 8 Rungs



If you want to improve your speed, agility, and cardio capacity, The ProsourceFit Speed Agility Ladder is the perfect fitness accessory.

  • 8 Rungs.
  • Speed ladders have been popular with coaches, athletes, and gyms for years due to their ability to make athletes better at footwork, quick directional changes, and intense workouts.
  • The simple yet effective design strings together adjustable rungs that can be easily rolled out onto any flat surface for training.
  • It comes in three lengths, all 50cm wide: 4m (8 rungs), 6m (12 rungs), and 10m (20 rungs).
  • Perfect for use in home gyms, at the beach, in a park, CrossFit boxes, and more.
  • A variety of drills like high knees, lateral hops, Cariocas, squat hops, shuffle steps, and more.
  • These drills are ideal for a variety of sports such as football, soccer, and boxing, but can also be great for general cardio workouts.
  • The multi-directional movement helps with overall mobility, balance, and injury prevention.
  • The high-intensity also helps to boost aerobic capacity and burn calories quickly, which is helpful for weight loss.
  • Personal trainers and therapists can use ladders for rehabilitation as well as improving clients’ balance and body control.
  • Best of all, they make workouts fun and engaging for children, teenagers, and adults.
  • The easy roll-up design is compact and comes in a convenient carrying bag for easy transport anywhere.

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