ProsourceFit Speed Cable Jump Rope w/Wooden Handles 10' Fully Adjustable



Jumping rope is an excellent form of cardio and endurance training for beginners and advanced athletes alike.

  • It can also be very challenging - but there’s a way to make it easier!
  • The ProsourceFit Wooden Speed Jump Rope is designed to be super lightweight, yet durable for easy turning, and wooden handles for a solid grip.
  • Our speed jump rope uses high quality, durable vinyl-coated wire cable that makes speed jumping easy due to its flexibility and resistance to twisting and tangling.
  • It provides smooth rotation needed for specific jumping techniques for boxing and experienced athletes.
  • It’s also a great form of cardio exercise for any fitness level, with 6-inch long, lightweight wooden handles that provide traction and slip-resistance for sweaty palms.
  • The cable is adjustable for your height, simply cut and adjust the screws on the handle accordingly.
  • Compact and easy to carry, it makes a great travel companion.
  • Train like a pro, train with ProsourceFit!

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