Single Stackable Resistance Band 12 lb to 16 lb



ProsourceFit Resistance Bands are perfect for anyone who wants to stay fit but can’t make it to the gym. One simple band with detachable handles can be used for a variety of toning exercises and stretches.

  • Depending on where you place it, stand on it, or anchor it in a doorway, you can perform a full-body workout with exercises like back rows, chest presses, shoulder raises, bicep curls, and leg extensions.
  • Elastic bands allow you to work muscles from different angles with a greater range of motion than with traditional weight training machines for improved strength, balance, and coordination.
  • Available in 7 color-coded resistance levels from 5 to 50 pounds, they are an excellent tool for any level of fitness.
  • Easy-to-use metal carabiners allow you to clip bands together for heavier resistance as needed.
  • Each resistance tube is 48-inches long with cushioned foam handles for a comfortable grip.
  • A door anchor is included so you can take your workout anywhere! Perfect for use with P90X, Pilates Slimin6, Insanity, Yoga, and other training programs.
  • The heavy-duty, double-dipped latex material is durable yet light-weight.
  • Compact and hassle-free, it’s the perfect solution for anyone trying to stay fit and healthy while on the run.
  • Resistance Levels • Green- 5 to 8 pounds • Red- 8 to 12 pounds • Blue- 12 to 16 pounds • Black- 16 to 20 pounds • Purple- 20 to 30 pounds • Navy- 30 to 40 pounds • Brown- 40 to 50 pounds

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