Slide Board



Slide into stellar shape with the ProsourceFit Slide Board for high-intensity exercise!


  • End stops help you to glide quickly and maintain momentum for a great cardio and lower body workout that’s also low impact!
  • Whether you’re training for hockey, baseball, recovering after an injury, or just want a good cardio slide board workout you can do at home, this fitness mat can help you reach your goals.
  • At 6-feet long, it’s great for a variety of users, ages, and athletic purposes.
  • This lightweight gliding mat comes with free booties and a mesh carrying bag for easy storage and portability.
  • You can move both laterally as well as forward and backward to train your muscles in multiple planes of motion.
  • But don’t stop at just sliding!
  • The Lycra booties and slick surfaces are an excellent way to perform lunges, mountain climbers, sliding push-ups, and more.
  • Put the booties on your hands or feet to enhance your stability and strength as you glide through your usual exercises.
  • By keeping your feet connected to the floor, rather than stepping or jumping between movements, you’ll challenge your muscles in new ways so you keep seeing results.
  • The closed-chain exercises are great for physical therapy, opening up tight hips, and reducing knee pain.
  • Strengthens hip stabilizers, which can help reduce common overuse injuries like knee pain and prevent future injuries due to weak hips.
  • The textured non-slip PVC bottom prevents sliding when the mat is on hard floors, and can also be used on carpet.
  • It’s perfect for homes, gyms, training studios, and rehab facilities.
  • It can be easily rolled up and stored in the carry bag so you can take your slide board training on the road, or just keep your space clean when it’s not in use.
    If you need to increase the slickness of the sliding surface, simply spray with silicone spray to keep it in top condition.

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