Toner Resistance Band 15 lb to 20 lb



The ProsourceFit Toner Resistance Band is an easy-to-use fitness accessory for working out your upper and lower body.

  • The figure 8 design has two loops to make exercises like chest flys, leg lifts, and back rows easier.
  • It’s perfect for two-arm exercises, and can also be wrapped over a sturdy object to work one side at a time, or to stretch out your arms, back and shoulders.
  • The shape means you don’t have to worry about looping or tying a long resistance band to shorten it.
  • Made with strong and durable latex tubing, it resists breaking with normal use and is great for shorter-range exercises that build strength and tone muscles.
  • It provides between 15-20 pounds of resistance, making it ideal for both intermediate and advanced users.
  • Perfect for tricep extensions, bicep curls, one-arm rows, chest presses, shoulder raises, and more. The lightweight, compact size is travel-friendly, making it convenient for workouts anywhere, anytime!

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